Thursday, January 9, 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: 5 Current Goals

Is it weird that goals are way easier for me to deal with then picking my 5 favorite songs?  I guess I really am way more goal oriented than anything else.

Goal 1: Any day now I'm going to be getting notification that I can go pick up my fancy piece of paper that says I have a degree in Technical Theatre.  I WANT TO USE IT! I want to actually keep working in the field I went to school for by stage managing, doing lighting design, special effects make-up, costuming, etc... hell, I'd even sell tickets at the box office if it means I can spend all my time in a theater and not have to go back to an office job.

Goal 2: I want to train!  Like seriously, I'm taking more and more dance classes and I want to get back into my yoga and get all the flexibility and dance skills.  As a performer I want to be better, I want to step up my game and in order to do that I have to train for it.  It's just like any other sport or physical challenge, you gotta be prepared and that's my goal!

Goal 3: I want to have a life again.  Having been in school, on top of the 57 jobs I've been keeping down, means I have not had much of a life for the past few years.  If we haven't worked on a show together recently the extent of our contact has probably been random Facebook posts or sad text messages.  My goal is to hang out with friends at least one day a week in a non work capacity.  Not too unreasonable and means that I can actual rekindle and nurture my friendships that have been neglected due to being responsible.  Being responsible is lame.

Goal 4: Say yes to more things.  I have a bad habit of not doing things I really want to because I either don't want to go by myself (which is stupid) or because I am afraid of being judged (also stupid).  I need to care less about what other people think and not be afraid of having adventures on my own and go do things.  I have never regretted anything I have done, I have regretted the things I haven't done.

Goal 5: Organize my existence.  I am fairly organized but I want my space to be organized.  With having spent the past 2+ years dealing with my grandparents estate the apartment has gotten cluttered and full with all the stuff that we've been having to go through on top of all my costumes, crap for shows, storage issues, etc...  I need my costumes, my crafts, even just my clothes gone through, paired down and organized in a way that I can actually use and get to them.  Seriously, this is a thing and it needs to happen.

So yeah, 5 goals, way easier.  I like goals, I like focus, and I like to check things off my list!

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