Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010-12-14 Syrens of the South at the Atlanta Photographers Guild

The Atlanta Photographer's Guild meets every other week in the basement at Elliot St Pub with an assortment of models for both professional and beginner photographers to shoot.  They set up an assortment of backdrops and lights in addition to using the natural brick and bar props that come with the basement.  These events are put together for the most amazing photographer Marc Turnley, known as Brilliant Z.  There are usually 2-3 models who bring 2-3 outfits each and each photographers gets about 10-15 minutes with each model per outfit.

On December 14th they brought back regular model Katherine Lashe and first timer Lola le Soleil!  Katherine started the evening in a top hat, eye patch, corset, Victorian vest and garter belt while holding her riding crop before switching to a green corset and butt bow with black beaded fringe bra and panties, Victorian hat, green feather fans and 7 inch rhinestoned heels.  Lola started out in an amazing assortment of colors and a feather headdress that made her well over 6 feet tall with those long legs.  Her second outfit was covered in layers and layers of 32 inch fringe in different shades of blues that accentuated all of her graceful movements.

Below you can see all the pictures tagged with this particular date and event so you can see some of the pictures from the night!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010-11-13 Syrens of the South with The Dresden Dolls

The Dresden Dolls got back together from working on their solo projects to put together a fall tour that came to The Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, GA.  As part of Amanda Palmer's desire to help promote local performers they booked the band Lille and Syrens of the South.

Syrens of the South opened the show with a short, 30 minute set that included Katherine Lashe MCing and Burnadette Cinders who brought the house down with her bellydance skills to They Might Be Giants' Istanbul not Constantinople and her wonderful announcement that she is with child.  Then the mistress of Illusion Fonda Lingue took the stage and wowed the audience with her shimmy, shake and don't ask don't tell pastie policy.  Closing the show was the legs that make you beg Lola le Soleil with her eye popping balloon act that had the crowd begging for more.

After the Syrens were done Lille took the stage for an amazing home grown act that was a wonderful opener to the amazingness that is The Dresden Dolls.  The crowd went wild and sang along to all of the songs, it was an amazing evening for everyone involved and we hope to see The Dresden Dolls back in Atlanta real soon!

Below see a collection of photos from The Dresden Dolls!

2010-11-06 The Mechanical Masquerade

In January of 2010 Syrens of the South began producing an evening of Steampunk revelry entitled The Mechanical Masquerade.  After the July event Syrens of the South passed the torch to Doctor Q and The Artifice Club.    Under new management, The Mechanical Masquerade moved from Bart Webb Studios/Little Tree Studios up the street to The Academy Theater.

The evening was a traditional masquerade with masks being worn until midnight so people could guess who was whom.  The entertainment included burlesque performances by Talloolah Love and Knoxville's own Salome Cabaret and a musical set from the Bonaventure Quartet.  Talloolah Love did her clockwork doll routine, which was her very first steampunk inspired number lo so many years ago, so it seemed only fitting for her to do it for the first one produced by The Artifice Club.  Salome Cabaret performed they're group routine to Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka which is amazingly choreographed with a twisted sexual energy that makes it disturbingly beautiful. There was also a costume contest, sadly I did not catch the winner, but I do know one of the prizes was a weekend pass for Anachrocon.  For those that don't know, Anachrocon is a weekend of all things steampunk!  It includes performances, costumes, panels dances, parties and vendors. This February will be the third year for this rapidly growing convention and interest in steampunk.

Over all it was a very lovely evening and I know that the next event, which is Friday night at Anachrocon, will be another wonderful time had by all.  Below are pictures that have been up loaded from this and previous Mechanical Masquerades (mostly by Kevin whom we love and adore as he is an amazing little shutterbug) on Flickr, enjoy!

2010-10-31 Dangerous Curves Ahead: Burlesque On the Go-Go!

Dangerous Curves Ahead: Burlesque on the Go-Go! is a touring burlesque show that includes Clams Casino, Anita Cookie, Minnie Tonka, Gigi La Femme and Darlinda Just Darlinda.  They picked back up with their fall tour and headed all over the country including Atlanta, GA to come play with Syrens of the South for Halloween!

The show included the bevy of beauties from New York as well as Atlanta's own burlesque legend Torchy Taboo who MC'd the show with some newer blood performing including the legs that make you beg Lola le Soliel, the woman of a million jobs Burnadette Cinders, your host the Syren of the South Katherine Lashe, and The Lady Miss Vagina Jenkins played panty wrangler for the evening.

It was an evening of haunted horrors that included The Ghostbusters, a werewolf, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, a sexy game of peek-a-boo, and more sassy entertainment then you could shake a severed arm at!  There was a raffle with fabulous prizes that included The Burlesque Handbook, hand made pasties from the Go-Go Girls themselves, and special items donated from Sin in Linen who was helping sponsor the tour along with American!

Below are some fabulous photos of Dangerous Curves: Burlesque on the Go-Go on Flickr!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010-10-22 Hexxt

Hexxt is a horror themed club night that pops up for special occasions. Having a variety of performers from Syrens of the South, Zombie Go-Go Squad, and the finale of Chaotic Suspensions.  It was a packed house with people in costume and rocking out for Karis' birthday as well.  There were give aways from Troma Films, Horror Central, Netherworld, Latex Records, Spencer Gifts and More!

The Zombie Go-Go Squad was a group of scantily clad undead girls who danced in on the platforms and in the cages between the acts to get the patrons in the mood.  From mummies to zombies the girls represented all aspects of the undead.

Performing for Syrens of the South included MC Fritzengrueben, Stormy Knight, Fonda Lingue and Katherine Lashe.  Fritz was a trouper since there was not a microphone for him to use.  His years of theater experience came in handy so he could project over the huge crowd.  Stormy Knight did a great strip tease that walked a nice line of classic and more fetish inspired for the crowd.  Fonda Lingue did a classic strip tease and was a vision in rhinestones.  Katherine Lashe closed the show with her Creature from the Black Lagoon routine.

Chaotic Suspensions closed out the night with some suspensions, tug of war and other feats of pierced strength.  

Below is a collection of pictures from different Hexxt events.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010-10-16 Syrens of the South with Unknown Hinson at Variety Playhouse

This past Saturday Unknown Hinson  played at the Variety Playhouse after being the Grand Marshall of the Little Five Points Halloween Parade.  If you do not know who Unknown Hinson is, here's his write up from the website:

"Looking somewhat like Dracula's nasty little brother who spent some hard years drinking and working as a carnival barker for a second-rate freak show, Unknown Hinson translates that vibe to his style of country and western-tinged psychobilly. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, this red-necked crooner gained regional popularity with a self-produced television show in 1992 and soon was touring nationwide, wowing audiences with his outrageous and campy, white-trash persona and freewheeling, sleazy tone. Hinson’s most recent CD release, Target Practice, melds weepy twang and searing guitar riffs and lyrics that speak of love-gone-bad and the dark side of the honky-tonk lifestyle."

Since 2008, every time that Unknown Hinson has graced Atlanta with his presence Syrens of the South has been his opening act.  Last October was the first time at Variety Playhouse and as Unknown Hinson does the voice for Early Cuyler on Squidbillies, he was joined by the rest of the cast to celebrate the new season and DVD release.  It was such a hit that Unknown Hinson came back to Variety Playhouse for his 2010 October show.  This year he was again joined by Syrens of the South and Anna Kramer & The Lost Cause, who opened the show.

Anna Kramer & The Lost Cause was amazing.  They were a perfect pick to open the show.  With their twangy guitars and Anna's sultry swagger they made the giant music hall feel like an intimate country bar where you could comfortably cry in your beer or start a brawl.
Up next was Syrens of the South.  MC John Carney introduced himself and them had the crowd singing along with The Burlesque Show (set to The Muppet Show theme).  Next up double your pleasure and double your fun with Tupelo Honey, a woman so sweet she'll make your tooth hurt, and the Double D's of Dixie, D'lilah D'lite in an old fashion cat fight.  The clothes came flying off as they fought over who was woman enough to keep a man!  Next was the fastest hips in the South Miss Stormy Knight having a Ho-Down!  In her western shirt and full skirt she spun around giving sneak peaks to the audience with an expert tease until it was time for her reveal which the audience greatly appreciated.  Then came the Master of Puppets, the Pastor of Muppets,  Mr Tim Monteith bringing Elvis back from the grave for a little Jail House Rock, always a crowd pleaser and a nice break of variety inbetween the girls.  The Shimmy Shake and Shazaam of Ursula Undress hit the stage as a bride from hell with her devilish grin, coal black hair and flame red dress.   Her tail, horns and pitchfork were no match for her angelic good looks and the love of the audience.   The screamed and yelled all the way to hell as the joined the Cult of Ursula!  Closing out the show was the Southern Sin-Sation Katherine Lashe (me) who came out with green hair and a swampy disposition for her creature from the Black Lagoon Tribute.  The show was amazing and super special thanks to Patrick, the staff at The Variety Playhouse and of course the audience who screamed their heads off at every shimmy, shake, bump and grind!

Of course next was the main event, Unknown Hinson.  I can't even describe how amazing he is to watch live. He is the most amazing guitarist I have ever seen and his band is perfectly in sync with him.  Not only are they all amazing musicians, but the songs are both hauntingly meaningful and hilarious at the same time.  He captures every Southern cliche while both simultaneously playing into them and proving how false they can be.  He is a brilliant showman and I have never seen or met anyone as dedicated to their fans as he is.  There is always an encore and he will stay until everyone in the line has had a chance to meet him, get a picture with him and get his autograph.  

Unknown Hinson is always on tour and usually comes back to Atlanta in April so if you missed him and the Syrens of the South you can probably catch them at The Earl in April.  If you're not in Atlanta I highly recommend you check his website to see when he'll be in a town near you because it's definitely worth checking out.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010-10-16 10th Annual Little Five Points Halloween Festival and Parade

This past weekend was the 10th Annual Little 5 Points Halloween Festival and Parade.  If you're unfamiliar with Little Five Points, it's Atlanta answer to Manhattan's Greenwich Village, being a center of artistic expression, local pub and bars showcasing the best in Atlanta alternative and underground music.  It has been the heart of Atlanta Counter Culture since the early 1900s.  This year marked 10 official years of the local freaks gathering in Little Five Points to celebrate the one holiday that makes them all feel normal and the "normal" people get to dress up and take a trip to their wild side.  The Festival began Friday night at 5pm with street vendors, food carts and live out door performances to gear up for the excitement of Saturday.  I was very excited to see that Pallookaville had a line around the truck proving that gourmet corn dogs are never a bad
idea, that with the smell of BBQ, homemade chili and funnel cakes and other fried things that truly make it smell like a fall festival.

Saturday was the main event with the part of the roads blocked off for the Parade, this year's Grand Marshall was Unknown Hinson. He was a natural choice as he regularly does at least two sold out shows each year in Atlanta and was playing at Variety Playhouse later that night.  As the ladies of Syrens of the South were his opening act, Katherine Lashe, Ruby Redmayne and a kidnapped Anita got to ride with him!  The ladies got a lot of practice with their princess waves!  The "float" was actually a vintage black pick-up truck that had a red velvet couch that was accented with zebra stripped faux fur for Unknown Hinson to ride in while the ladies sat down at his feet, it was definitely classy!  (See picture below, thank you Photognome!)  I think what made it especially so was the Pabst Blue Ribbon car directly behind us handing out free schwag.  It was in the shape of a PBR Can with hot rod wheels and the hood ornament was a PBR keg tap.

Honestly, the whole parade was covered in Atlanta Burlesque Stars!  Talloolah Love was playing her viola with The Vauxhall Garden Variety Players, Johnny No Thumbs was drumming with The Imperial Opa Circus, La La Lucious was driving her Pink Pussy Cat Car with Tribe, Pera Dance Studios was showing off many of their amazing teachers including having an aerial rig they pulled with them, Awalim and Turnin' TriXXX danced their way along the parade route.  

Some of my favorite floats included the Kudzu Queen, because we're in Georgia and someone needs to be the Queen of it, and the Java Lords float that sprayed blood out of the claws.  One of my favorite things about parades is always the live music and there were so many bands and groups either playing and marching or floats.  It was an amazing day of the whole community coming together and having a great party.

Below are pictures taken by a little bit of everybody!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010-10-09 The Imperial Opa Presents Night of the Living Circus

The Imperial Opa Circus produced The Night of the Living Circus it's final big show for the season at The Goat Farm.  It was a huge event with multiple opening bands and Ninja Puppetry by Raymond Carr who always does a great job.  The circus is a combination of live music and traditional circus acts such as clowns, acrobats, aerialists, strong men, with some not so traditional acts such as ice sculpting, belly dancers and fire spinning!  It is what I would imagine a circus put on at Burning Man would be with an amazing underground feel with everything you'd expect from a circus minus the elephants.

Below is a promotional video that they put together for this show.

The Imperial Opa presents: Night of the Living Circus! from Captain Crazy Productions, INC on Vimeo.

There was so much going on from the opening parade to the funeral procession at the end of the show for the woman who sacrificed her self to bring back the undead circus.  The entire circus had a cohesive story line of sacrifice and hard work to bring the circus to life and at the end the whole circus worked together to bring back the women who had saved them all and made her the newest member of the circus.  You have to love great entertainment that also has such a good positive message as well.  The highlights of the show for me were the comedic bit with the strong man, the two aerialists and the fire spinning, but the whole show was truly amazing.  I will definitely be checking them out again and you should too!  I hope you enjoy the pictures I took!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Oct with Syrens of the South

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Each October Syrens of the South finds itself swamped with events and this October looks to be no different. With so many amazing shows and events this month you'll have plenty of opportunity to check out the local girls as well as some very special out of town guests!


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Syrens of the South with UnknowUnknown Hinsonn Hinson

Looking somewhat like Dracula's nasty little brother who spent some hard years drinking and working as a carnival barker for a second-rate freak show, Unknown Hinson translates that vibe to his style of country and western-tinged psychobilly. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, this red-necked crooner gained regional popularity with a self-produced television show in 1992 and soon was touring nationwide, wowing audiences with his outrageous and campy, white-trash persona and freewheeling, sleazy tone. Hinson's most recent CD release, Target Practice, melds weepy twang and searing guitar riffs and lyrics that speak of love-gone-bad and the dark side of the honky-tonk lifestyle.

Syrens of the South at Hexxt Halloween Spooktacular
2010-10-22Dj's Aesthetic, Flynt, and Vulture

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October 31, 2010, 8pm
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290 Martin Luther King, Jr, Dr, SE
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Syrens of the South is pairing up with New York City's best known, most popular and award-winning burlesque stars, Anita Cookie, Clams Casino, Darlinda Just Darlinda, GiGi La Femme and Minnie Tonka! These ladis are hitting the road and bringing their signature acts to stages throughout the country for a three-week tour that takes them from the Midwest through the South and up the Eastern Seaboard including Atlanta, GA, on Halloween!

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SFBFWe have created this festival to support and showcase all facets of the neoburlesque revival - classic, humorous, conceptual, acrobatic, etc. We're bringing you the most amazing, creative, and talented group of burlesque vaudeville and variety performers in one place! Not to mention, the most elaborate class & workshop schedule you will ever see for performers, photographers, teachers, and anyone crazy about burlesque as a part of this four day event. Our goal for this event is to not only showcase the amazing talents the Southeast has to offer, but to also show the Southeast the amazing talents the rest of the world has to offer. It will be a weekend of burlesque goodness for all!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2010-09-18 Mon Cherie's Rockabilly Lounge

Mon Cherie Presents The Rockabilly Lounge at The Masquerade with special guests from all over the country.  The performers included New Orleans Jon who was the Master of Ceremonies and who sang a beautiful rendition of Moon Dance.  He then brought out the beautiful Katarina Laveaux from Birmingham, AL, who did a very sultry classic act that included both fans and a boa.  Then came the always fun Catatonic Raucous who did a fun glittery striptease in a pseudo Victorian style outfit.  The closing finale was the hip-notic Szandora La Vey of LA who did a sultry strip tease in devil red while slowly moving a hula hoop around her body.  It was the most sensual hula hoop act I have ever seen.  It turns out that Ms La Vey as family in town so hopefully we'll be seeing her again next time she comes for a visit.

The band for the evening was The Suicide Doors.  They were a lot of fun and in their second set one of the members decided to put on a corslet to show solidarity with the burlesque performers.  There was also a raffle that included items from the vendors as well as the most coveted Lux De Ville Purse and beautiful hair flowers made by Mon Cherie herself.

It was an amazing show for all 10 of us that showed up.  Sadly I think that because of Anime Weekend Atlanta, people being out of town for the New Orleans Burlesque Fest, and the East Atlanta Strut going on that weekend it really reduced the turn out.  I am hopeful that the next Rockabilly Lounge on Oct 15, will be much better attended.  

Sadly I did not take my camera with me having just flew in from NOLA that morning and then MCed the AWA Cabaret before heading over so here's some random pictures from Rockabilly Lounges for you to enjoy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

2010-09-18 Anime Weekend Atlanta Cabaret

Anime Weekend Atlanta is the third weekend of September each year in Atlanta, GA.  It is a full weekend celebrating all things Anime at the Cobb Galleria with shows, video rooms, vendors and artists.  Below is the promotional video that was done this year.

For the second year in a row Stormy Knight has put together the Anime Cabaret with burlesque and Cabaret performances based on Anime and Anime culture.  Last year I performed my steampunk/pirate locksmith number and was the Mistress of Ceremonies, this year I opted to just be the Mistress of Ceremonies and had the most fun MCing I've had a show in a long time.  It's always very helpful when you have a great crowd, great performers and are completely punch drunk from flying in from NOLABF...I'm apparently much funnier when I'm delirious as I got lots of compliments that night.  Performers included the woman who brought us all together, Stormy Knight, doing an amazing Elfin Lied strip tease that drove the crowd wild.  With her great shoes, pink bobbed hair do, and wrapped in bandages like a sexy mummy, she had the crowd eating out of her hand.  The amazing Lime Barb from Chicago was next in her very sexy version of The Little Mermaid.  She started off in a full body covering Fish outfit that did a strip tease before coming out of the fish as a mermaid and then stripping down to a very sultry woman.  And there were bubbles!   Next was Um Bo Sakura(sp?) that was drapped in a beautiful kimono and stripped keeping her face covered behind a mask until the end for her big reveal.  It was her first striptease and I'd say she definitely started with a bang!  Next was Talloolah Love doing a very high energy go-go number inspired by Cowboy Beebop, complete with guns!  There was shimming, shaking and a whirl of fringe that pulsed with her every move.  The finale was Kitty Love dong a tribute to Van Helsing.  She came out is a short yellow dress and ended up covered in blood that she drank as well as rubbing it all over her body.  It was a very sensual act that went over very well.  Afterwards we had a curtain call that ended in a standing ovation.  It was an amazing feeling to see a packed house be so pleased with a show.

The performers then all went to the merch table to sign autographs and have pictures taken with all of the amazing performers that were a part of the show.  The laws of Cobb County meant it was a Sunday School show so the performers weren't able to go down to pasties, but I can assure that didn't detract from any of the performances that I saw that night and it didn't seem to stand in the way of the audience enjoying it either.  It was a lot of fun and I hope to be invited to be a part of it again next year.  Below is a slide show of picture from Anime Weekend Atlanta, I sadly didn't get to take any pictures because I was so delirious that I had left my camera at home, but you can at least see some of the others that have been put out there.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

2010-09-17 New Orleans Burlesque Fest

This year was the second annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival produced by Rick Delaup and Secrets in Lace.  Sadly due to a scheduling conflict I was only able to attend the Friday night shows, but they were so amazing that it almost makes up for me not seeing the Queen of Burlesque competition with live band on Saturday night...almost...  Performers from all over the country descended on NOLA to perform classic burlesque at both Harrah's Casino and the original House of Blues.

The first show was Mondo Burlesque at Harrah's Casino.  The audience was dressed to the nines and still couldn't compete with the amazing outfits and costumes on stage.  The show was hosted by the Mistress of Ceremonies Cora Vette who sang, complete with back up dancers from Dames D'lish and BurlyCute, in addition to keeping the audience entertained between acts.  She had the voice of an angel and the mouth of a sailor, which turned out to be an amazing combination!

Performers for Mondo Burlesque included an adorable house wife number by Vicky Sin from New York, an amazing group number by The Chicago Starlets that was one of the best choreographed and well timed and thought out group numbers I have ever seen, and Ophelia Flame from Minneapolis who did an amazing number with silk fans, then came Ursula Undress from Atlanta who did her tribute to Bettie Page to Wild Cat, she drove the crowd wild with her shimmy, shake and SHAZAM!

Cora Vette then changed her outfit and looked like Burlesque Rainbow Brite, it was a brilliant outfit complete with boots!  After that was the naughty twins Mina Mechante and Deirdre Doll from Chicago proving that two is better then one and that sometimes you don't have to choose!  Dinah Might from London was next with a beautiful and forceful fan dance that included slapping around Atlanta's own Derrick Jackson, I've never seen a man so slap happy.  Then came Angi B Lovely from Dallas who is not only an amazing burlesque performer but a skilled aerialist as well.  I never get tired of seeing her climb the silks and my heart always stops when she does the drop at the end.  I know for a fact she's going to be okay but I get so caught up in her performance it surprises me every time!

Cora Vette then changed into a sparkly green ensemble with hair down to her butt, her hair do had been growing through out all over her changes, a nice touch.  After that was The Bon-Bons from St. Louis.  I love these girls, they're fun, they're sassy and each performer has their own personality come through even when they're all doing the same dance move.  Keeping your individuality while doing a group number is a fine line and they walk it beautifully!  Then came Jo Boobs, the Headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque.  She was a vision in gold beaded fringe that shimmied around her like an angel's halo.  Her connection with the audience was very apparent and the audience was hanging on every shimmy, shake, bump and grind.  Jett Adore from The Stage Door Johnnie's in Chicago was the only male to grace the stage at Harrah's that evening.  He did a Zorro number that had everyone in the audience swooning with each article that came off during his sword fight and the ladies were fighting to catch a glimpse of what was under his cape.  The answer was not much!  Kitten DeVille from LA and Miss Exotic World 2002 did her tribute to Dixie Evan's Producer's Chair routine that was taught to her by Dixie Evan's herself.  The act started off cute and cheeky and went into a raunchy sexuality that I am sure was shocking in the 50s and 60s when Dixie did this act.  Some how Kitten DeVille kept the act classy and full of raw sex, which is not an easy task.  The finale was Chicago's Michelle L'amour, Miss Exotic World 2005, who did a panther routine that left the audience begging for more.  Her movements and attitude really made you believe that she was a wild animal trapped in a cage that could devour you at any moment.  It was captivating, compelling and and a beautiful and graceful way to end the show.

I took over a thousand pictures of the show so I hope you enjoy!

The second show that evening was at the House of Blues for Risque Soiree.  It opened with an act from Minneapolis that had Cadillac Kolstad playing while Tomahawk Tassels danced.  Then came the Master of Ceremonies Johnny Rock from New Orleans.  The performers included the amazing Pearl Lux from Austin, Madame Mystere of New Orleans, Virginia D'Vine of Toronto, Sammich the Tramp from St. Louis who was the only variety act and was amazing.  Rosie 151 of New York, Vivian Velvet of Chicago who gave all new meaning to saluting America, Bazuka Joe of Chicago's Stage Door Johnnie's had an amazing use of towels down to his wash cloth. Kiss Me Kate of San Francisco, Lydia DeCarllo of Vancouver who did an amazing fan dance. New Orleans Burlesque Legend Wild Cherry wowed her audience, Red Snapper of LA, the amazing Ray Gunn of Chicago, also of Stage Door Johnnies did a Matrix Routine that did indeed defy gravity.  Charlotte Treuse of Portland did a beautifully classic routine followed by Shanghai Pearl of Seattle who never ceases to amaze.  Then came out the heavy hitters!  Satan's Angel, Queen of the Fire Tassels, came out with her signature act and the crowd went crazy as the lights dimmed and her flaming tatas twirled before the lights came back up with her flowing robe like wings wrapped around her.  The headliner of the show was Catherine D'lish, who has won over 30 titles, came out in an amazing corset covered in feathers with a tail that made her look like a peacock with it's teal color and length.  As the corset and tail came off she replaced them with two amazing fans that were absolutely breathe taking.  Her skill and grace with fans are unmatched and to see someone using fans twice their height is absolutely mesmerizing.  Sadly I could not get as many photos at HOB (only 348) due to my being short and it being insanely crowded.  Always good for the performers and the promoter, not so much if you're holding a camera and can't see, lol.  I hope that you do enjoy the ones I did get to take!

Sadly I did not get to see the main event which is the Queen of Burlesque competition on Saturday night at Harrah's Casino.  All the performers do their routines with a live band just like they used to back in the day.  It's a very unique experience and I am very sorry to have missed it this year.  The competitors included some of the best burlesque performers in the country, many who have also competed for Miss Exotic World/Reigning Queen of Burlesque at The Burlesque Hall of Fame. The Mistress of Ceremonies was the amazing Kitten on the Keys.  Coco Electric from Austin was crowned The Queen of Burlesque with Renea'le Roux from Las Vegas receiving first runner up and Lola Van Ella of St. Louis received second runner up.  Other performers hoping for the crown included: Ruby Joule of Austin, Amber Ray of New York, Evie Lovelle of LA, Indigo Blue of Seattle, Catherine D'lish of Seattle and Ginger Valentine of Dallas.  There were also special non competition performances by Athena and Dante the Magician, both from New Orleans.

I hope that there will be many more years of the New Orleans Burlesque Festival as this is an amazing event and truly captures the essence of Classic Burlesque!

2010-09-16 Satan's Angel in Have Tassels Will Travel

Satan's Angel, The Devil's Own Mistress and Queen of the Fire Tassels, is a burlesque legend that has had an amazing and interesting life and career.  Her love affairs read like a celebrity who's who list of the 60s and 70s and her career is full of adventure in an attempt to over come many instances of Murphy's Law.  Her one woman improvisation show has been touring all over the country and I was lucky enough to catch it at The Allways Lounge in New Orleans when I was in town for the Burlesque Festival.  The show included a slide show of pictures of her as a baby and of her all through out her amazing career.

Angel told stories about how she ended up performing by winning the amateur night so many times they offered her a job and how she came up with her name.  Some of Angel's stories we're funny, some were touching and some were absolutely heart wrenching with the way she was treated being a gay performer.  The loss of jobs, the physical and mental abuse was all a part of her journey as a performer in a time when it was not okay to be gay.  The show was very moving and multiple people were crying at various points through out the show.  Her life has been an amazing tapestry of love, performance and a struggle to be treated like a human being regardless of her sexual orientation.  I spoke with her afterwards and she said that she felt it was one of her worst performances, but it was also one of the more open and
personal performances as she spoke openly about her drug addiction and her recovery.  You really get a sense of how things were, both good and bad.  Stage door Johnnies bringing minks and diamonds to the performers but it was at a price of personal freedom, body image and the basic human right to love whomever you want regardless of gender.

Satan's Angel is a favorite Burlesque Legend among the neo-burlesque performers as she is very personable and very approachable.  She is extremely out spoken and always willing to give an honest opinion about a performance or a costume.  Sometimes she's known for being a bit of a hot head but that's part of her drinking, smoking and foul mouthed charm.

I was allowed to take picture of the show, as per usual, I do not claim to be a photographer, but I like to take pictures!  So I hope that you enjoy them and there are some lovely images at the end of all the neo-burlesque performers, who were there to watch the show, on stage with Satan's Angel.
There's even some awesome jazz hand action, lol.