Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2010-09-18 Mon Cherie's Rockabilly Lounge

Mon Cherie Presents The Rockabilly Lounge at The Masquerade with special guests from all over the country.  The performers included New Orleans Jon who was the Master of Ceremonies and who sang a beautiful rendition of Moon Dance.  He then brought out the beautiful Katarina Laveaux from Birmingham, AL, who did a very sultry classic act that included both fans and a boa.  Then came the always fun Catatonic Raucous who did a fun glittery striptease in a pseudo Victorian style outfit.  The closing finale was the hip-notic Szandora La Vey of LA who did a sultry strip tease in devil red while slowly moving a hula hoop around her body.  It was the most sensual hula hoop act I have ever seen.  It turns out that Ms La Vey as family in town so hopefully we'll be seeing her again next time she comes for a visit.

The band for the evening was The Suicide Doors.  They were a lot of fun and in their second set one of the members decided to put on a corslet to show solidarity with the burlesque performers.  There was also a raffle that included items from the vendors as well as the most coveted Lux De Ville Purse and beautiful hair flowers made by Mon Cherie herself.

It was an amazing show for all 10 of us that showed up.  Sadly I think that because of Anime Weekend Atlanta, people being out of town for the New Orleans Burlesque Fest, and the East Atlanta Strut going on that weekend it really reduced the turn out.  I am hopeful that the next Rockabilly Lounge on Oct 15, will be much better attended.  

Sadly I did not take my camera with me having just flew in from NOLA that morning and then MCed the AWA Cabaret before heading over so here's some random pictures from Rockabilly Lounges for you to enjoy!

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