Monday, April 8, 2013

Evil Dead

I was lucky enough to get free preview passes for Evil Dead last Tuesday before it was released to the public.  I have been a huge fan of the original Evil Dead series for years and have the collector Necronomicon versions of ED 1 & 2, the 1st one is even autographed by Bruce Campbell!  I saw Army of Darkness in the theater with my dad back in 1992 when it was released.  I have t-shirts, mash-up tees, action figures, etc... So yeah, I'm a fan.  I knew walking into it that it was not going to be in the same story arc as the original.  It's set in modern times, there is no Ash, and it's not supposed to be funny.  I like to think that 20 years later someone not quiet as awesome as Ash found the book and this is what happened.  So treat it as a new story line and let it stand on it's own.

Let me start by pointing out they had a lot to live up to.  Every die hard fine knew that this was supposed to be a legitimate horror movie and most of the die hard fans are also rabid horror movie watchers, so not only did they have to live up to the Evil Dead franchise, they were going to be compared to every other horror movie ever made!  I really enjoyed the over all story arc, it was true to the already established universe and still managed to stand on its own.  There were some wonderfully done special effects, one of my favorites was something you couldn't yet see, you just heard it for a good 30-40 seconds before you saw what was happening.  You knew what you were about to see, but the anticipation and hearing the wet sticky sawing as the camera creeped closer into the flickering darkness...yeah, it was a great moment.  There were a couple of great moments, some were gory, some just creepy and some were laugh out loud funny.  There are some amazing tributes to the original series in both some of the cinematography as well as little things like a beloved prop or two and some very familiar injuries as well as a special moment for die hard fans at the end so stay through the credits...all of them.

I really enjoyed the movie and it's already set up for a sequel...this makes me happy.  I'm probably going to go see it again because it was fun and I like a horror movie to be scary.  Everyone keeps trying to make vampires sparkle, werewolves be brooding boys next door, and zombies to have a heart that they're not trying to eat.  It was nice to see the monsters be monsters; manipulative, vicious, and evil.  Nothing sparkled or wanted to talk about feelings, thank God.  So to wrap: go and enjoy; you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll scream!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Wow am I far behind....Playing Catch-up!

So when last we left our hero she was about to go and perform for the debut show of The Jewel Box Review!  Nestled in the down stars of Elliot St Pub, now known as "Club 51", it's a very intimate venue with only around 50 seats so everything is front row, but for the creme da la creme you can get a VIP table for four at only $150 that includes champagne and an up close and personal view of the talent.  Fonda Lingue knows how to put on an amazing show with some incredible talent from the burlesque and drag communities.  It was a wonderful mix of talents that kept the sold out audience completely entertained!  I think this is going to be an amazing adventure for Fonda and I was so honored to be a part of it!  The next one will be on May 18th so keep your eyes peeled for the amazingness and hope to see you there!  (Maybe I'll get to come back and play again soon)  PS.  Elliot St Pub as some of the most amazing sandwiches and a full bar in addition to some amazingly delicious ginger beer!

 So next on the docket.....

Devin Liquor won the Mr. Georgia USofA MI Classic, let's face, Devin's one of the greatest drag kings out there, and earned that title.  However, getting to the big event in Oklahoma City takes money, so on March 3rd a bevy of burlesque beauties and some of the most talented drag performers I have ever seen took the stage at Friends on Ponce for a fund raiser.  There were performances, raffles for some of Devin's personal belongings, tips being thrown, and a silent auction so you could have a piece of awesome to take with you for your help.  Johnny No Thumbs donated his time and ran sound for the event, I ended up helping with props and stage kittening.  It was so much fun and for such a great cause.  The Jello shots were flowing in Vodka and Champagne flavors.  It was a lot of fun for a Sunday night...almost too much fun when everyone had to go to work the next day.  So glad I got to go and enjoy an amazing show for a great cause!

And then.....

Prentice Suspensions had booked their March 4th show at The Five Spot back in January.  The hookers and the strippers got a long so well during Atlanta Xmas Apocolypse at 7 Stages that we decided to come play with them for this Monday night show.  So it was Prentice Suspensions, Syrens of the South, Little 5 Points Rockstar Orchestra playing selections from Dracula The Rock Opera and Ledfoot Messiah closing out the line-up.  It was going to be a small show, but then we got news...The owners of The Five Spot had decided to sell and this was going to be the last show before the doors closed under the management that we knew and loved and went to the new owners.  So this small show became a farewell to all the amazing people who have helped us, Prentice Suspensions, L5PRO, as we've all had a home there and we needed to give them an awesome farewell!  It was an amazing show and I am going to miss all the amazing times we spent there and look forward to meeting the new owners and hopefully they will be just as awesome!


Southern Fried Burlesque Fest....yeah, that one's gonna get it's own post...