Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012-02-10 Vixens Valentease Burlesque Show

I don't even know where to start for this amazing show.  Multiple times the phrase "We're getting the band back together" was used in reference with this show.  As with any group of people, real life sometimes gets in the way and people grow apart, have kids so they don't have as much free time, get promotions at work, etc...  Our little burlesque family is no different.  With many births in the last few years and just general life happening many performers that used to be Syrens of the South regulars had not been able to perform with us for a while, the stars aligned just right so we could have a bunch of our old guard (in some cases original guard) in a show together.  Awalim Tribal Bellydance, Chad Sanborn, Emmalucious, Hepcat Mike, Hotsie Totsie, John Carney, Kira of Cross-Cultural Dance Company, Lah Lah Lucious, Rosie Palms, Ursula Undress and myself all felt like we were in a family reunion!  We were joined by some of our newer adopted family as well, including Brandy Noir, Kittie Katrina, Lola LeSoliel, Ruby Redmayne and Sunny Midnight which made the evening that much more enjoyable.

The whole evening was just so magical, the house was packed, every act was amazingly on, people laughed during John Carney and I's "Cake or Bed?" skit.  Chad killed all his magic routines.  Ziah and Magda from Awalim rocked the crowd after we got back from intermission and it just was amazing.  I am so lucky to get to work with such amazing performers and so grateful that I have the opportunity to do so! Valentine's Day is all about the love and that's exactly what we had with this group of performers.  We raised boxes and boxes of food for the Atlanta Community Food Bank and many of the performers even chose to donate part or all of their pay.
Cast Photo