Monday, September 27, 2010

2010-09-18 Anime Weekend Atlanta Cabaret

Anime Weekend Atlanta is the third weekend of September each year in Atlanta, GA.  It is a full weekend celebrating all things Anime at the Cobb Galleria with shows, video rooms, vendors and artists.  Below is the promotional video that was done this year.

For the second year in a row Stormy Knight has put together the Anime Cabaret with burlesque and Cabaret performances based on Anime and Anime culture.  Last year I performed my steampunk/pirate locksmith number and was the Mistress of Ceremonies, this year I opted to just be the Mistress of Ceremonies and had the most fun MCing I've had a show in a long time.  It's always very helpful when you have a great crowd, great performers and are completely punch drunk from flying in from NOLABF...I'm apparently much funnier when I'm delirious as I got lots of compliments that night.  Performers included the woman who brought us all together, Stormy Knight, doing an amazing Elfin Lied strip tease that drove the crowd wild.  With her great shoes, pink bobbed hair do, and wrapped in bandages like a sexy mummy, she had the crowd eating out of her hand.  The amazing Lime Barb from Chicago was next in her very sexy version of The Little Mermaid.  She started off in a full body covering Fish outfit that did a strip tease before coming out of the fish as a mermaid and then stripping down to a very sultry woman.  And there were bubbles!   Next was Um Bo Sakura(sp?) that was drapped in a beautiful kimono and stripped keeping her face covered behind a mask until the end for her big reveal.  It was her first striptease and I'd say she definitely started with a bang!  Next was Talloolah Love doing a very high energy go-go number inspired by Cowboy Beebop, complete with guns!  There was shimming, shaking and a whirl of fringe that pulsed with her every move.  The finale was Kitty Love dong a tribute to Van Helsing.  She came out is a short yellow dress and ended up covered in blood that she drank as well as rubbing it all over her body.  It was a very sensual act that went over very well.  Afterwards we had a curtain call that ended in a standing ovation.  It was an amazing feeling to see a packed house be so pleased with a show.

The performers then all went to the merch table to sign autographs and have pictures taken with all of the amazing performers that were a part of the show.  The laws of Cobb County meant it was a Sunday School show so the performers weren't able to go down to pasties, but I can assure that didn't detract from any of the performances that I saw that night and it didn't seem to stand in the way of the audience enjoying it either.  It was a lot of fun and I hope to be invited to be a part of it again next year.  Below is a slide show of picture from Anime Weekend Atlanta, I sadly didn't get to take any pictures because I was so delirious that I had left my camera at home, but you can at least see some of the others that have been put out there.

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