Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010-10-09 The Imperial Opa Presents Night of the Living Circus

The Imperial Opa Circus produced The Night of the Living Circus it's final big show for the season at The Goat Farm.  It was a huge event with multiple opening bands and Ninja Puppetry by Raymond Carr who always does a great job.  The circus is a combination of live music and traditional circus acts such as clowns, acrobats, aerialists, strong men, with some not so traditional acts such as ice sculpting, belly dancers and fire spinning!  It is what I would imagine a circus put on at Burning Man would be with an amazing underground feel with everything you'd expect from a circus minus the elephants.

Below is a promotional video that they put together for this show.

The Imperial Opa presents: Night of the Living Circus! from Captain Crazy Productions, INC on Vimeo.

There was so much going on from the opening parade to the funeral procession at the end of the show for the woman who sacrificed her self to bring back the undead circus.  The entire circus had a cohesive story line of sacrifice and hard work to bring the circus to life and at the end the whole circus worked together to bring back the women who had saved them all and made her the newest member of the circus.  You have to love great entertainment that also has such a good positive message as well.  The highlights of the show for me were the comedic bit with the strong man, the two aerialists and the fire spinning, but the whole show was truly amazing.  I will definitely be checking them out again and you should too!  I hope you enjoy the pictures I took!

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  1. Wow, Thank you for such kind words. The Imperial OPA circus strives to do Good, Be creative and be inspirational, I am happy this came across! I am also excited to know the over arching themas of the show was understood as that was one of our concerns going in to this production, and that is that all things great require a sacrifice of some kind.

    Thank you for your review of the show, and again the kind words. Please let us know when you come out again and we will give you a back stage pass.

    OPA and thank you~

    Founder and Ringmaster of The Imperial OPA circus.