Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010-11-06 The Mechanical Masquerade

In January of 2010 Syrens of the South began producing an evening of Steampunk revelry entitled The Mechanical Masquerade.  After the July event Syrens of the South passed the torch to Doctor Q and The Artifice Club.    Under new management, The Mechanical Masquerade moved from Bart Webb Studios/Little Tree Studios up the street to The Academy Theater.

The evening was a traditional masquerade with masks being worn until midnight so people could guess who was whom.  The entertainment included burlesque performances by Talloolah Love and Knoxville's own Salome Cabaret and a musical set from the Bonaventure Quartet.  Talloolah Love did her clockwork doll routine, which was her very first steampunk inspired number lo so many years ago, so it seemed only fitting for her to do it for the first one produced by The Artifice Club.  Salome Cabaret performed they're group routine to Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka which is amazingly choreographed with a twisted sexual energy that makes it disturbingly beautiful. There was also a costume contest, sadly I did not catch the winner, but I do know one of the prizes was a weekend pass for Anachrocon.  For those that don't know, Anachrocon is a weekend of all things steampunk!  It includes performances, costumes, panels dances, parties and vendors. This February will be the third year for this rapidly growing convention and interest in steampunk.

Over all it was a very lovely evening and I know that the next event, which is Friday night at Anachrocon, will be another wonderful time had by all.  Below are pictures that have been up loaded from this and previous Mechanical Masquerades (mostly by Kevin whom we love and adore as he is an amazing little shutterbug) on Flickr, enjoy!

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