Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010-12-14 Syrens of the South at the Atlanta Photographers Guild

The Atlanta Photographer's Guild meets every other week in the basement at Elliot St Pub with an assortment of models for both professional and beginner photographers to shoot.  They set up an assortment of backdrops and lights in addition to using the natural brick and bar props that come with the basement.  These events are put together for the most amazing photographer Marc Turnley, known as Brilliant Z.  There are usually 2-3 models who bring 2-3 outfits each and each photographers gets about 10-15 minutes with each model per outfit.

On December 14th they brought back regular model Katherine Lashe and first timer Lola le Soleil!  Katherine started the evening in a top hat, eye patch, corset, Victorian vest and garter belt while holding her riding crop before switching to a green corset and butt bow with black beaded fringe bra and panties, Victorian hat, green feather fans and 7 inch rhinestoned heels.  Lola started out in an amazing assortment of colors and a feather headdress that made her well over 6 feet tall with those long legs.  Her second outfit was covered in layers and layers of 32 inch fringe in different shades of blues that accentuated all of her graceful movements.

Below you can see all the pictures tagged with this particular date and event so you can see some of the pictures from the night!

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