Monday, January 27, 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 26

Day 26: Your Hidden Talent

Hidden?  You're supposed to keep them hidden and not exploit and use them?  What's the point in that?  Things I know I can do that some people consider a talent:

Stage Manage
Sing (though I rarely do it in public any more, I get stage fright)
Lighting Design
Organizing really, I even enjoy it
Set and Prop Building
Costume Design
Argue logically with out emotional entanglement (I can get super anally fact focused when it calls for it)
Stage Make-up
I can fake through doing someone else's hair, but not my own.  I can't reach the back of my head.
Edit and mix songs.
Edit video

Yeah...that's pretty much what I can think of and everyone pretty much knows I can do all those things because my choice of profession pretty much requires me to be able to do them all at any given time.

Oooh...maybe you don't know that I know how to do house remodeling.  My mom used to live in places that needed work all the time so I got really good at it when I was younger.  I also have a really good memory for really weird moments in time.  I apparently remember things that others forget, little things like how someone wants their sandwich and stuff like that.  I will forget names, but I'll remember what they're drinking or a weird story they told me once.  Also, I don't get forget everything drunk.  Doesn't matter how much I drink, I am the person everyone calls to find out what happened the night before, it's both a talent and a curse.

I can't think of anything else.  Not trying to sound conceited but most of my talents are things I have worked very hard to be good at through school and practice.  When you work that hard to gain those skills you have to brag about them in order to get hired for jobs.

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