Thursday, January 2, 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 1

This is not a resolution.  I just felt like I should make that clear.  I am doing a 30 day blog challenge because it has a definite end and only a short term commitment.  I have a blog that I am sometimes very bad about keeping up with and I am told that I am often guarded and hard to get close to so I thought this might be a fun way of developing a better habit of writing on here in addition to be a bit more open with people in general.  So yeah, here it goes...

Day 1 - Your Blog's Name

RetroFatale was given to me by my friend Rob Mosca a very long time ago, like back when Live Journal  was the height of social networking.  It came from when I really got started in burlesque.  I used to work at a fetish club, met and got to open for Dita von Teese and then kinda got hooked, like it changed my entire life.  I started modeling more, doing a lot of retro and pin-up pics and started performing burlesque A LOT.  However, having worked as a dom at the club I guess I still had that aura of femme fatale danger about me in addition to all the pin-up stuff so he dubbed me retrofatale and it felt right so it stuck.  It's my blog, it's my twitter, etc... if you see retrofatale somewhere it's probably me.

It's kind of funny to think about since it was kind of a crazy random happenstance, but I'm lucky enough to know quite a few very amazingly talented writers who have contributed weird things to my life.  Seriously, my friends rock and I love that I get to be surrounded by such amazing talented individuals on a regular basis.

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