Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dracula Diary: Day 5

Friday, rehearsal off day.  So let's go over everything that I did while they enjoyed some time off, shall we?

Email to everyone updating the notes from last night's run through as well as the now, yet again, up dated tech rehearsal schedule for Sunday.  The bigger the cast the harder it is to coordinate schedules, especially with Days of the Dead Con this weekend and so many of the performers wanted to go check it out (or are working there) for obvious reasons.  Also, Walking Dead comes back on this weekend and if you think this crowd isn't addicted to that show then you're crazy!  These are all things on top of work schedules and other shows they're all in that I have to work around.  It's a practice in time management.

So after following up with what inputs does Haverty's camera has for sound?  How many more slots on the snake do we have for microphones?  What notes from the composers about the songs do I need to pass on?  Do we need to be prepared to have an encore song ready?  (See the show, scream real loud at the end and see what we decided.)  How do we split the lobby with Dad's Garage so we all get maximum exposure for both shows?  How do we schedule who uses the lift when for both our tech needs and Dad's tech needs? (Seriously, sharing a space with Dad's is way easier than it sounds, we work together great and they're all awesome, ALL THE LOVE!)

I'm bouncing back and forth between people with all of these questions while Alex, who is a 7 Stages intern, is being awesome.  I taught Alex how to condense the lighting instruments and take them off the booms, which was kind awesome.  Not that it's super hard but that I got to teach someone something is awesome because I love to teach!  So Alex was stripping the lights and cables off the booms (I stepped in when there were any issues) and painted the mic stand bases black so they would all look pretty and be uniform.  Vi was also kind enough to bring by a male torso for us to use for Dracula's costume.  Again no legs so we had to find a pole to shove up it as a stand again (this is the 3rd one so far we've done like this) which meant some scrounging around under the seats in the black box.  Luckily Alex is a rock climber and has a small build to climb up and fit in the weird shelves that all the poles were stored in.

Now if only we can find a decent black wig to put on it.  Seriously, Dracula can't be bald.  Based on what we found in straight black wigs in the Secret Room Dracula will have a a Prince Valiant hair cut, a pony fall that kind of covers enough to look like a full wig (seriously, right now this is the best option) or a 3 foot long Vampira looking wig with two white streaks, one on either side.  So the options are mullet; like a thin, not quite enough hair; or Dracula as a pretty pretty princess!  Alex and I both will be looking to see if either of us has one at home that might work better.

Dad's had a show in the black box, I didn't feel like moving the lift since it needs to go back into the black box tomorrow anyway, I ended up calling it an early night and decided to leave around 8pm.  B came by to drop off some mics and cables of his that we're going to borrow for the show.  It being our 9 year anniversary today and the fact that we haven't seen each other all week seemed like as good a reason as any to decide that maybe I deserved a night off as well.  (Okay, so he totally bribed me with fried chicken)  I'm actually pretty excited to be home, showered, fed and about to go to bed at a semi-reasonable hour.  I have to teach in the morning so maybe going to bed early means I won't sleep through my class tomorrow.


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