Friday, February 7, 2014

Dracula Diary: Day 4

Thursday, Day 4.  During the day was spent sending out emails, updating the set list and then diving back into the lobby installation.

Our last female mannequin that Brigette loaned us had not yet dressed since it didn't have a stand, so how do we get it dressed and able to stay standing.  The plan, which surprisingly worked, was to dress it up in the Mina costume which happened to come with shoes that had rubber soles which would give the mannequin a non slip base to help hold it up as it is leaned against the wall.  We did choose to put the Mina mannequin on the far side so it's less likely to end up being touched or knocked over.

Luckily Dee Dee found a good sturdy mannequin at her house, the only problem is that it had no arms or legs, but it did have a head which was a step in the right direction.  I sent Jeff a text to find out how tall he was, 6'1".  We managed to find a 6' pole to use as the base and slide the mannequin torso onto the pole and boom we had one the right height for Van Helsing.  (Side note, in prep for the Dracula mannequin I also had to ask Rob his height, also 6'1".  Talk about balance.)  Dressing this one was actually easier than dressing the full bodied mannequins so it went pretty fast, unfortunately we can't find the hat.  We know the hat was here and packed up but it was not in the box with all the others.  Sadly, I can't blame Jeff for loosing it as I was the last one to wear it along with most of the rest of costume for the photo shoot I did with all the Dracula heads.  It really sucks not being able to pass the blame, but oh well, it happens.

After getting the two additional costumes up (we're still waiting on more mannequins to borrow) it was about time to get ready for rehearsal.  Just enough time to get a coke, buy a pack of smokes and get ready for the barrage of text messages letting me know people were late...and then it started snowing.  My first thought was "Oh god, I haven't slept at the theater yet and I'm not going to start now."  That probably seems like a weird first thought, but if you knew how many times people had crashed here when we've been working on tech until the wee hours of the morning you would be less surprised.  Luckily it was just a slight flurry, but I guess if we had gotten trapped there are worse fates.  At least we're all friends and like each other.

Rehearsal was a power through type of thing.  We needed to time the length of the song set to help us determine how much talking would be mixed in. (No, I'm not going to tell you our run time, come see the show.)  We made it through all of the songs, no major train wrecks which means we didn't have to just stop and fix anything right then.  It was the first time we haven't really had any stops and starts other than tag ins since Jed and Jessika both work at Java Lords and have been tagging out for their songs to make sure the bar is covered during rehearsal.

During rehearsal we were getting some silly messages from Chaz, who played Dr. Seward.  Sadly, he was booked for another play already so he can't be here, but he's missed.  He was sending us pictures from back stage at his show so we decided to send him a little love from our rehearsal as well...BUTTS!  Yup, we sent him pictures of two of the cast ad crews butts.  I think we're just going to make this a thing and send butt pics every day we have rehearsal.  We're in tech for Friday and Saturday so Sunday is the next time we'll have butt pics.  A similar thread of butt pics happened when we worked on Lady Lay in Spring of 2013.  This is apparently how we express our love at 7 Stages!  BUTTS!


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