Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dracula Diary: Day 2

So my day started with emails...all the emails.  After each rehearsal during which I take a bunch of notes I send updates to the cast and crew to make sure we're all on the same page and give anyone any schedule updates, etc...  As we get everyone's info as far as scheduling we adjust the calendar to make the best use of everyone's time and efforts.  We obviously don't want to just have people sitting around doing nothing making them unhappy and there for not wanting to work when everyone is there.  I did mention before my job is to try to keep everyone happy and on schedule, right?

Yesterday we started working on the lobby installation.  This meant pulling out the mannequins from the basement which had been buried under a bunch of stairs from a quick hide and dash that had to be done during a previous production.  After we dug out the door we found out we only had four-ish mannequins (one was missing legs).  The hope is to have all of the amazing Dracula costumes that Dee Dee made for the run on display in the lobby, so obviously we're going to need more than four.  A few phone calls, a few texts of begging goodness, we're starting to get a few more to borrow.  So as of right now Dracula's wives, Mina and Lucy are set.  (I'm not going to go into the adventure of tracking down some of the costumes that had been messed with since our last showing) Working on the Dracula and Van Helsing costumes next, really sad we don't have boy mannequins right now.  I'm either going to have to pad out female mannequins or Dracula and Van Helsing are going to have tits.

While all of this is going on I'm getting called into the theater to answer questions.  Are we keeping the lighting trees that are currently on the stage?  Is this a good place for the for the speakers/monitors?  Where do you want the strip lights to go?  Are they going to be circuited?  Where do we want to fog machine?  Front lights?  What video/photos will we be projecting?  How many microphones and where so we want them?  Where do the band platforms need to go?  Which severed heads should go on the stage and which one at box office?  Seriously, these are things I get asked.

Call was 7pm, I had to jet at 7:30pm to run to the Atlanta School of Burlesque and go teach History of Burlesque.  So I left everything they would need for rehearsal, scampered off to go teach, taught for two hours and then scampered back to the theater to finish up the rehearsal I had abandoned due to having to work my other job as well.  I got there in time for the last few songs, the closing meeting and to discuss and go over the notes that came up while they were being allowed to play and such so they could really reconnect with the music again.  The whole point is for everyone to have fun with it all again and they looked like they were and that's what's important.

Right, I need to go do today's email and paper work.


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