Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's 2015

Today was the birth of a new year.  Like many births there was a wonderful party with good friends and good times leading up to it and then, as it was ushered in there was screaming, crying, and pain.  Then there was peace and calm and steak.  The steak is very important, I am fairly certain the steak is what broke my fever and stopped me from feeling like death.  Ringing in the New Year sickly sucks, but I'm going to remain hopeful that it can get better from here.

What I want my 2015 to be:

1) I want to be better about communicating and asking for help.  This is something I am not great at and sometimes I let things get bottled up or think I can handle them on my own and not ask for help which is bad for both me and my relationships with people.

2) I want to go and see art, shows, concerts, etc... that I haven't worked on.  Even if I managed to go see one a month that would be pretty amazing.

3) I need to say no more.  I need to quit agreeing to do more things than I can handle and take better care of me.

4) I need to get rid of about half of everything that I own and organize what is left.  I need to get the apartment cleaned, it's too depressing for both B and myself.  We need a better home.  We can't grow in a place thats so crowded and full of crap.

5) Balance.  I am going to work on better balancing my personal and work life.  I have to work, I do not have to sacrifice everything else in my life to work.  I haven't been a great friend or girlfriend because I let myself get so involved in work I disappeared from everything else and that needs to end now.  Actually I've been working on this for a few months now and gotten to spend a lot more time with B and some of my awesome friends which has been really great and I've been able to reconnect a lot which has been wonderful.

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