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2011-06-15 Hump Day Honeys with Burlesque Nouveau

It was a dark and stormy night...though it sounds like the beginning of a bad first horror novel it is the way this evening began.  I pulled up at 7pm to unload the car just as the sky opened up.  The radio was reporting hail the size of quarters falling in parts of Atlanta and as a result traffic was awful and no one else had made it to The Shelter yet.  Around 7:45pm, after fighting with traffic, Dave finally made it up there so I could begin load in.  With the raffle for Southern Fried Burlesque Fest I had a bit more then normal to haul in, including The Wheel of Burlesque...but I'll get back to that in a minute.

Everyone was running late but the rain had stopped by our 8pm call time, a call time that ended up being a bit closer to 8:30pm by the time everyone got there.  Doors opened at 9pm with a line of people waiting outside in the parking lot to come in which was a nice surprise with the weather.  Desire Evoquer was kind enough to wander about selling some raffle tickets to the patrons so they could get a chance to spin The Wheel of Burlesque...but I'll get back to that in a minute.

The show started at 10:15pm instead of 10pm because of the weather, which hurts my soul a little as I hate not to start on time, but the crowd understood and forgave us.  Syrens of the South Presenting Hump Day Honeys with Burlesque Nouveau had begun and it was time for me to hit the stage and introduce the beauties!

We opened the show with a torch singer Whiskey Christy singing, "Too Darn Hot".  Which, with the summer storms, was painfully appropriate.  After her act it was time for the first raffle drawing of the evening.  If your number was called it earned you a spin on The Wheel of Burlesque!  Yes, we had an actual wheel for the contestants to spin to win fabulous prizes.  The wheel was color coated and what color you landed on determined your prize.  Red got you another raffle ticket, green got you a gift from one of our alcohol sponsors, yellow got you a SFBF t-shirt, orange got you a SFBF gift bag and pink got you an "adult novelty".  Our first contestant won a raffle ticket...don't feel bad for him, he won three other times that evening.

Second was a debut of a brand new number to "Crazy in Love" from Miss Pearl E White!  She was a vision of fringe-y nakedness in nude and gold and shimmied her way in to everyone's hearts.  The finale of her number was assels of a most provocative nature that had the crowd howling for more.  Our contestant for The Wheel of Burlesque landed on red, but as had the first person we decided it was time for a do over which won them a SFBF t-shirt!

Our next act was our favorite little sex kitten Kittie Katrina doing some very naughty things to "Bad Boy" by Christina Aguilera.  It was a sensuous strip tease with some amazing chair work.  She just oozed sex all over the stage and had everyone's attention!  Once the crowd recovered we had our third raffle winner spin the wheel.  The crowd chanted "PINK" over and over again which must have done some good as he landed on Pink!  Looking at the table covered in vibrators and cock rings made him take his time to decide before swiping up the "Tasteful Pocket Vagina" as his very own.

Fourth was Lola le Soliel doing a classic balloon routine with a regal twist!  She came out to "Night Train" by Alvino covered in pink balloons that seemingly floated near her body unattached.  After she was done presenting herself to the audience she pulled a long pink ostrich feather from her hair which she used to begin popping some of the balloons.  Once she had made her point with the balloons she shimmied and the balloons magically fell away behind her into a train like a royal robe while she finished her set down to her pasties.  (Which she pointed out back stage was the first pair of pasties she made in class over a year ago)  After her act it was again time for The Wheel of Burlesque which landed on orange and won a lovely lady from the audience a SFBF prize pack which included a poster, SFBF and SoS buttons as well as stickers.

Rounding out the end of the show was two of our special guests.  First was Kelly Setliff bringing boylesque to The Shelter's stage!  Using the song "Janglin" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Kelly did a striptease with suspenders and break away pants down to a g-string with a skull and cross bones on the crotch and a tootsie roll that magically appeared from somewhere that he gave to a lucky audience member.  Another lucky audience member hit orange on The Wheel of Burlesque and won an SFBF gift bag!

Closing the first half was Mona Loverly doing her routine to "Circus" by Brittney Spears.  She came out as a dark ring master with dance moves that were amazing and inspiring to watch.  She wound up the audience for one last raffle before the break.  Our winner ended up being a visiting celebrity from Charlotte, Nicolette Tesla, who won a raffle ticket for another chance at the wheel.

After a brief intermission it was time for the second half of our show. Whiskey Christy came back to the stage  to sing "Let's Fall in Love" by Cole Porter.   The Wheel of Burlesque was again spun to yellow for a SFBF t-shirt.

Next came Brandy Noir debuting a new act to "Whiskey" by Hillbilly Casino.  Her take on the sassy saloon girl with an alcoholic edge was a fun romp to the old west including a gun that rolled out fabric with the word bang on it.  Crowned with a Jack Daniels logo on her back side and Old No 7 pasties, she looked good enough to drink!  This time The Wheel of Burlesque was spun to pink to a reluctant winner and he asked to change his prize to a SFBF t-shirt which we allowed as he was very embarrassed, lol.

Then Kelly Setliff came back to the stage in a shiny gold coat, a ruffled shirt and a drawn on mustache to show off his boylesque skills.  With his hat and cane he drank, danced, stripped and wowed the audience to "Leeds United" by Amanda Palmer.  The Wheel of Burlesque winner was Miss Pearl E White's escort and he sent her up there to do his spinning.  She landed on orange and won a SFBF grab bag...that she had helped stuff earlier that evening.

Closing out the show was Mona Loverly performing to "Shewolf" by Shakira.  She came out with furry cuffs around her wrists and a furry hair piece and tattered flannel shirt and jean shorts that was reminiscent of the old 'Teen Wolf' movies.  The amazing dance moves were a mix of sultry strutting with a hint of Thriller.  It was a howling good way to close out the show!  The final contestant for The Wheel of Burlesque was a lovely lady who'd been hoping and praying to win all evening.  She landed on pink and took a rhinestoned adult novelty for her very own.

The crowd wasn't huge due to the weather but they were loving, loyal and had a great time.  We raised around $100 for Southern Fried Burlesque Fest thanks to the raffle and The Wheel of Burlesque.  Next Hump Day Honeys will be August 3rd with Special Guests the Tennessee Tease from Memphis doing a full show!

Photos by Mr. Wombat!

Here's a special backstage video for you guys!

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