Monday, July 26, 2010

2010-07-24 Mon Cherie's Rockabilly Lounge

This past Saturday was Mon Cherie's Rockabilly Lounge.  With Uncle Daddy and the Kissing Cousins as the band and Chad Sanborn and Ursula Undress performing as part of their b-day celebrations you knew the turn out was going to be massive!  Vendors for the evening included Throne Jewelry, Loysville and Libertine who had some super cute Rockabilly items for purchase.  The evening got a later start then normal as The Masquerade had double booked Purgatory and of course the event before ran late because that's how these things happen.  It was jam packed with people from the first show and people filtering in for Rockabilly Lounge in no air it was an rocky start to the evening, but it turned into a great night!

Mason was our hostess extraordinare for the evening!  She was alluring, funny and did an amazing job introducing the band and the burlesque!  Uncle Daddy kicked off the evening with a wonderful set, it was so packed I could not get close enough to the stage to take any photos but the music was fun and it was overheard, "Man, they're good! That singer, he sounds just like June Carter. He sound JUST like June, man."  That lead singer was Dickie Hickey, better known as Dickie Van Dyke of Blast Off Burlesque, so yeah, HE sounded just like June Carter, lol.

The burlesque show opened up with Chad Sanborn doing his detective routine.  Though I've seen it hundreds of times it never gets old.  He picked a beautiful assistant out of the audience to be his crime lord accomplice as he popped his balloons all the way to the big house!  Then came a new performer Kitty, who I am told has been shaking it in Oregon before taking it off here. She was a pocket sized pile of cute and sexy with some amazing ink and amazing moves.  Mon Cherie does have an eye for talent!  Then came Gesche Anneliesa with her gold and peacock fan dance.  Her corset, panties and pasties were all a nude base that made the tantalizing reveals from behind her fans seem even more naughty.  Then Rebecca DuShon hooped her way around the stage with an amazing light up hula hoop.  She was a high energy, adorable swirl of light and color. After her was Dahlia Danger who looked like a 1940s movie star in her shiny silver dress. She called it her Jiffy Pop dress and I have to say, the audience was very excited to see her pop out of it to Shake Your Lovemaker by Cherry Poppin' Daddies.  Then came The Sultan of Soda, Chad Sanborn again with his Tiny Bubbles routine.  Full of soda, theft and hilarity!  It's a crowd favorite no matter how many times people have seen it.  Closing out the show was Ursula Undress with a Bettie Page Tribute to Wild Cat.  I was especially excited to see this number as I helped with the costume and frankly, Ursula is always wonderful to watch.  She shimmed and shook her way out of her clothes and into the audience's hearts.  She was definitely the audience favorite of the evening as it was the first time many of them had seen her perform since they followed her across the country to see her compete at Viva Las Vegas this past April.  After she brought the house down Mason brought everyone back out for curtain call with special birthday cupcakes for Ursula, Chad and New Orleans Jon who was in the audience. 

After the burlesque show there was a raffle for fabulous prizes from Sour Puss Clothing before Uncle Daddy and the Kissing Cousins hit the stage one more time to wrap up the night.  The whole event was a who's who of Southern burlesque with people like Talloolah Love, The Chameleon Queen, Tupelo Honey, Lala Lucious and Big Mamma D all the way from Charlotte in the audience.  It was an amazing event and I can't wait to see what else Mon Cherie has up her sleeve!    

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