Thursday, July 8, 2010

2010-06-17 and 19 Blast Off Burlesque Future of Tomorrow

Blast Off Burlesque decided to go back to their roots with an all Sci-fi show.  I was honored to perform my Dr. Who routine as part of their Future of Tomorrow at 7 Stages in Atlanta, GA.  The preview show was Thursday, June 17th with the main event being two shows back to back on Saturday, June 19th.  The evenings included all of the amazing talent that Blast Off Burlesque has to offer in addition to special guests like Hoopsy Daisy doing a very provocative tribute to Clockwork Orange, Flight of Swallows doing an amazing live musical performance with aerial work in the tradition of Brazil complete with fabulous shoe hat, Ursula Undress showing the world her Pon Farr in a tribute to the original Star Trek series, and Regent St Charles as Tina Turner circa Thunderdome.

Blast Off Burlesque never ceases to amaze me with their creativity, teamwork and shear awesomeness!  With amazingly choreographed group numbers and duets to beautiful solo acts by the individual performers.  Some highlights include Ferris Hilton as Steven Hawkins, Melanie Magnifique did an awesome job as the Diva from The Fifth Element Sadie Hawkins doing an amazing tribute to Donnie Darko (which is one of my personal favorites), as well as Barbalicious as Barbarella!  The end of the show had all of the members of Blast Off Burlesque come out as all of the planets to Monty Python's Galaxy Song, and yes, they included Pluto!  Local celebrity, journalist, radio DJ and rock star Jon Waterhouse did an amazing job as the show's MC and as The Sun!

I was only able to do backstage video during the preview show since we had to reset and such for the second show.  Below you'll find my video and a slideshow of pictures taken at the shows!

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