Friday, June 15, 2012

2012-06-14 Mad Lib-Ations

A while back Mon Cherie Presents had meetings so that performers could get together, talk about up coming shows, network, etc...  however it was usually during the day before 4pm because that was the only time available at the venue before everyone had to get bustling for whatever shows were going to occur that night.  I came to as many as I could but with school and such it was very hard for me to always make the meetings.  The ones that I came to had either a handful of people that rotated out or it ended up being just her, me and maybe one other person.  With the time being hard for people to make she decided to come up with something new!

In March, Mon Cherie debuted her newest endeavor, Mad Lib-Ations at L5P Corner Tavern.  So when she started out this was a once a month event, however it has taken off so well that it now occurs every Thursday!  From 7pm-midnight people could come out, grab dinner, grab a drink and fill out up to 9 forms of random nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc... for some amazing prizes.  It would also act as a new time and place for Mon Cherie to be able to meet and greet with potential performers, sponsors, and networking for everyone who wants to show up.  She also has set up meetings for businesses that have been hiring around Atlanta to help people find jobs in these tough times.  So not only can you go have a great time, you can meet people and help your career.

Last night was the first time I got to come out for Mad Lib-Ations and it was an amazing time.  B, Lola LeSoleil and I arrived around 9pm and caught a glimpse of Talloolah Love before she ran off.  We had drinks, ordered food, named our team "Motor Homes of Distinction" and proceeded to come up with some of the most random things we could think of to fill out our forms for each round.  After our first round we were joined by Sunny Midnight and her entourage.    We had two teams for our table and then Lola and I decided to buy some raffle tickets.  They were 1 for $5, 3 for $10 or crotch to floor for $20.  Lola le Soleil's and I decided to pool our money and her crotch to floor got us 20 tickets!  We won 1st place for four rounds of Mad Libs and won three raffle prizes!   Our loot included: $20 gift certificate to The Corner Tavern, one hour portrait or boudoir session from The Photo Factory and Studio, a Lux De Ville hand bang, a hat and fascinator by Habadab'Cherie, a pair of earrings by Jezebel Blue, and a $50 gift certificate for Loki Shane Defrice at Sacred Heart Tattoo in Little Five Points.

We had an amazing silly time and rediculous amount of fun.  The cost is only as much food and drink that you want to purchase and if you decide to buy raffle tickets as there is no cover.  We couldn't use the $20 gift certificate the night we won it but we'll definitely be going back to cash that in!

As far as Little Five Points Tavern itself, over all the staff was really nice, except for the lady who was our actual waitress.  She was kind of gruff and unfriendly.  We got our food and such, but she was obviously not happy about it.  The rest of the staff that was helping her out was super nice and really friendly so I'm assuming that our waitress was just having an off night.  Just as a word of caution, as there were six of us at our table they did add an 18% tip to the bill.  I hate when places do that, so you've been warned.

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