Monday, June 25, 2012

2012-06-21 Mrs. Roper Glamour Shots

First let me say that I am saddened by the fact that my production meeting for Dracula ran over so I was unable to make the shoot.  I had my Caftan in the car along with my wig, make-up, and sequined hair flowers, belt and other accessories I bought for the occasion.  However, this is such an amazing group that I felt the need to at least acknowledge the event even though I couldn't attend.

The International Order of Mrs. Roper's is a social club whose mission statement is, "For those who believe that everything is better in a caftan....The IOMR gets together every few months to dress up in caftans and have an amazingly good time.  Past events have included Night of 1,000 Mrs. RopersThree Caftans to the Wind (Regal Beagle Two: Electric Boogaloo), and having a float in the Inman Park Parade for which they won third place!  For those who don't know who Mrs. Roper is, she was the landlord's wife in Three's Company with the bright red curly hair that always wore a caftan and was always badgering her husband for sex.  Mrs. Roper was played by Audra Lindley.  The Order has very inexpensive membership fees to help pay for the fun and attendees are asked for donations at the events.  For example they used some of the money to help pay for items for their parade float which included parasols that the walking Ropers carried and when the Queen Roper (Akiko Jones) would blow her whistle all the Ropers would twirl in unison!  

On Thursday, at The Goat Farm, the Burlesque Camera Club (a subsection of the Atlanta Photographers Guild) was temporarily taken over by the IOMR for glamour shots.  They had group photos and then individual shots with free Mimosas and Champagne because everything better with a drink!  Here is a photo that was publicly posted from the shoot by Stacy Sutton Williams (a noted Caftangelist), hopefully this will entice you to put on a caftan and join the IOMR!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing that photo, it turned out great! My sister once heard about a Glamour Shots scam but I encouraged her to do them because I had a friend who had an enjoyable experience. Needless to say, my sister had a great experience as well and her pictures turned out great!