Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Holidays

Pic by Studio Adrian
So the holidays happened.  I really wasn't in the holiday spirit at all.  Maybe I was disappointed the world didn't end because that meant I had to go Christmas shopping which I had put off because of being too busy with everything else.  After AXA I had the plague and pretty much missed Christmas by living on my couch pretty much from Saturday after AXA closed until Wednesday when it was pretty clear that if we were going to make it up to Tennessee to do the family rounds remotely during the holiday season we'd have to get going.  So we left Wednesday night and went to Oak Ridge, Newport, Knoxville, Chattanooga and then home by Friday night so we could get some rest since Good Golly Svengali had a show Saturday night.

Highlights included getting to see The Hobbit.  I don't actually remember the last time I saw a movie in a theater.  It was awesome, reminded me of my childhood from where my dad read me the books and I would watch the cartoons on the amazingly old VHS player (that I am pretty sure my dad still has) and sing along to the songs with my animated friends.  Also, I made my dad a Sockthulhu which is a Cthulhu done in the style of a sock monkey.  Probably the most awesome present I gave anyone this Christmas.  Dad thinks I should sell them, maybe I'll work on that later this year.  I ended up making three, two prototypes to make sure I knew what I was doing before the final one that I gave to Dad.  The Good Golly Svengali show was a lot of fun, they opened so it was a short set but lots of fun.  We ended up at a friend's house for an impromptu holiday party.  It was a great time and I got to see lots of people I hadn't gotten to hang out with for a while for a lot of silliness!

Sockthulhu I made for Dad
New Years ended up being a whirlwind starting out at Java Lords then two different friend's houses to do run-bys to be social.  Over all it was a nice way to spend NYE.  I typically avoid going to bars and clubs because all the amateur drunks come out and make my life hell by being really annoying because they have no idea how to drink with out making an ass of themselves.  Yes, I realize that kind of makes me sound like either a drunk or an alcoholic.  However, that who drinking responsibly it exactly what I do, I don't slam shots, I space out my drinks and I know what my tolerance and limits are and that's what I drink.  Seriously, it's so rare that I am actually drunk, let alone black out stupid drunk, that some people I know don't believe it's possible.  (It is possible, but it's not pretty which is why I don't let it happen very often)

Jan 1st I spent alternating between being lazy and productive so that's a good sign for 2013.  I'm a fan of balance.  I've been asked a few times about resolutions...I have mixed feelings about resolutions. People usually pick goals they can't achieve because they're unrealistic.  There will be no I will work out 5 days a week as that's unrealistic.  I go back to lyra next week and am going to try to do my yoga DVD once a week.  I'd like to do one photo shoot a month to help build my portfolio.  There are some burlesque fests I would like to at least apply to since I missed a bunch of application deadlines last year and had to resign from a bunch due to Stage Managing Dracula.  So nothing overly stressing or unattainable and fairly realistic and if it doesn't happen because I get super busy and other things come up, that's fine too.  Things happen and who knows, maybe something much cooler will come up then anything I had planned.  That's what happened with Dracula and that was amazing!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I hope that your 2013 is amazing!

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