Friday, July 6, 2012

2012-07-02 Naked City Inaugural Show: Politics

On Monday, July 2nd, Push Push Theater was host to the inaugural showing of Naked City.  What is Naked City?  Well it has a very interesting description on their Facebook page that incites many visions of what it could be, but to put it simply, Naked City is a once a month spoken word evening that gives writers a topic to write a five minute piece about then a luck of the draw opportunity to read the piece in front of an audience.  Yup, you heard me, luck of the draw. When the writers sign up to read and are given a poker chip, there are 9 slots available so only the 9 people who's numbers are draw will get to read.  However, this is not your regular open mic night.  In addition to having some amazing writers show up, there are also two amazing hosts, Gina Rickicki and Bernard Clark.  They acted as MCs, stand-up comedy between the writers and came up with some amazing bits and prizes for those writers who went over their 5 minute.  Yes, there are consequences!  If you go over your time you must spin the wheel to find out what you have won!  Prizes include 60 seconds of booing, prize packages and some amazing drawings done by theater camp students were handed out to all the writers.

The first show was politics and the stories included everything from violin advertising, how He-Man underoos could have changed the Star Wars program, why being a High School Treasurer in France can teach you everything you need to know about politics and how political addiction can be treated with care and perseverance.  Some were funny, some were poignant, and some were a call to arms of what the world could be if everyone used their voice.  It was an amazing evening and I can't wait for next month.  The theme is death and regardless of whether or not you want to put your name in the hat to do a reading it's well worth showing up just to watch.  The cover is only $10 for 2.5 hours of entertainment, cheaper and better then a movie!

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