Monday, April 25, 2011

2011-03-18 Shamrock-A-Shimmy in Jackson, MS

Syrens of the South Productions brings Burlesque to Jackson!  That's what was being said as D'lilah D'lite, Katherine Lashe, Kittie Katrina, and Stormy Knight piled in the car at 5:30am to leave Atlanta to meet up with Spooky le Strange from New Orleans and Big Daddy Cool from Nashville.  And no, Jackson was not sung the whole way there as predicted, infact it wasn't until our arrival that D'lilah played it on her laptop.  Apparently there is no burlesque in Jackson and one man had a vision to bring somethig new and different to Jackson. E. C. Puffin Entertainment chose his first event to be one of burlesque with Syrens of the South in The Basement at Fire.  The Basement is a gay bar that is expanding it's audience, the second level was a large music venue and the upstairs was a very tastey mexican restaurant which we took full advantage.

During set up Katherine Lashe had a small beginning burlesque class for very eager students.  Sadly the word didn't get out about the class to everyone that was interested so there will be more classes coming to Jackson on May 7th!  Tease U will begin with classes by Katherine Lashe and D'lilah D'lite teaching history, basic move, vintage hair and pastie making.

For St. Patrick's Day, Syrens of the South Productions put together a show of bawdy Irish acts as well as classic burlesque routines and a hint of magic done by MC Big Daddy Cool.  From eating razor blades to piercing his skin with needles, Big Daddy Cool definately had the audience in the palm of his hand.  Two shows turned into three due to high demand from the audience.  Something sexy about being so popular they can't get enough!

Performances includes Stormy Knight doing an amazing bellydance routine showing that she does indeed have the fastest hips in the South and her high energy rockabilly routine that had a ho down feel with a sultry edge.  D'lilah D'lite did a sexy classic burlesque routine with some amazing chair work and stocking pulls as well as a tribute to everyone's favortie Irish beer with two feet tall Guiness pint glasses.  The Reverand Spooky le Strange did an wonderful Irish jig complete with tarten and a hint of river dance in addition to her bride routine that had her looking like an elegant stripping ghost that was both beautiful and seductive with it's grace and simplicity.  Katherine Lashe closed the first show with a classic striptease and stocking pull and the second show with a green fan dance to blend both the classic and the drunken holiday.

After the shows everyone had a drink, some amazing mexican food and signed autographs for all the new burlesque fans!  Everyone was awesome to travel with and I would definately recommend any of the for a road trip or a touring show.  The entire experience was awesome for the performers, the audience, the crew and the promotors.  Everyone is super excited about the future of shows and classes for Jackson!

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