Monday, February 7, 2011

2011-01-15 Blast-Off Burlesque Holidazed and Confused

Blast-Off Burlesque has been voted the Best Burlesque Troupe in Atlanta for the past two years and there's no question of why with their innovative and original ideas and takes on everyday things, Holidazed & Confused proved to be a continuation of their genius!  Going through the calendar and celebrating all of their favorite famous and some rather obscure holidays made you want to celebrate with them all year long!

They kicked off the show in traditional Blast-Off style with a group number celebrating Christmas with a very pregnant Mary trying to give birth with assistance of Joseph, the Wise men, some farm animals and an Angel.  The result of their efforts was a beach ball that turned the whole scene into 1950s style bathing beauty number with synchronized beach balls for everyone!  With this sacrilegious start the show only got better and weirder from there!

Hosted by Jon Waterhouse as Rip Taylor flinging confetti and doing introductions with bad puns and props, he is always an amazing host for these shows, letting himself be fully immersed in the characters he portrays.  With guests to the show including Jim Stacy as Stilt-walking Sam representing all of the patriotic major sale holidays who popped out at seemingly random intervals, much like the holidays he represented.  Other guests included Talloolah Love doing her tribute to Bastille Day complete with French Flag and working guillotine created by Bart Webb Studios that she used to chop off the head of her oppressor before doing some aerial work on the bar at the top of her death device.   Then came The Chien Hong Liondance Troop, who did an amazing Dragon Dance to kick off the celebration of Chinese New Year with the always amazing Chinita La Chou Chou.  The Chameleon Queen did an amazing tribute to Rubber Duckie Day as her newest character, Amaretto Sourpuss, to swan lake.  Their final guest was May Delight who sang a salute to the guy's answer to Valentine's Day, March 14th also known as Steak and Blowjob Day!

Some of my favorite Blast-Off acts included a brilliant tribute to Halloween by Mysteria.  She went from a Charlie Brown Ghost, to Pumpkin Head, a witch, and then a sexy cat!  The shedding of all the many layers of different costumes to an amazing mash up of different music was truly ingenious.  Such a simple idea but executed so brilliantly you couldn't help but enjoy yourself.   Dickie van Dyke's celebration of Valentine's Day Freddie Mercury style continued the tradition of Dickie being a fantasy that works for everyone regardless of sexual preference.  The show ended to Blast-Off Burlesque coming out to take their bows to "Calendar Girl" as the months flew by on the video screen behind them.  As the last performer took their bow, the calendar reached Dec 21, 2012 and the end of the world ensued in a video montage of angels, demons, space aliens, and Blast-Off partying like there's no tomorrow.  Once the video dust had cleared, out came the performers covered in leaves to restart the human race through dance!  It was an amazing way to end the show and once again proved that the amazingness that is Blast-Off Burlesque knows no bounds!

I took over 2,000 photos and got them narrowed down to around 1,300 after I weeded out some not so great ones.  So I hope you enjoy the photos and make sure to catch the next Blast-Off Burlesque Show and buy your tickets early as they always sell out.

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