Monday, February 7, 2011

2010-01-14 Search for the Golden Sprocket

On January 14th The Extraordinary Contraptions, Thimblerig Circus, Tupelo Honey, Doctor Q and Talloolah Love via video came together under Rusty Gears Productions to create the Search for the Golden Sprocket at The Shelter.

When I walked in there were Steampunk clad enthusiasts were scattered about the bar with rapped attention to the stage.  The Extraordinary Contraptions were playing some of their new songs while a video of  Talloolah Love doing a silent Burlesque Cooking Show played on the televisions.  The music continued as she got drunk with sampling her ingredients and slowly shed her clothing through out the cookie baking process.  It was a cute, cheeky way to fill some video with her expressive face and comedic timing.  A break between the band's sets brought  Doctor Q playing an assortment of music while they cleared the way for Tupelo Honey to perform and captivate the audience!  Decked in red she performed to Blair Crimmon's "A Demon Like Me" and wowed the audience with her butt spanking strut!  Then came a PSA for pirate gunshot insurance before the band's second set.

During the band's second set the next video graced the screen. Done in silent movie style staring Tupelo Honey as the daughter of a vicious pirate who buried a treasure and tattooed the map on her back as a child.  Now an adult, she was dressed as a harem girl being chased by a villain who wished to steal the treasure.  With batting eyelashes and skulking capes and tops hats it really captured the old 1920s feel.  Then came the video premiere of The Extraordinary Plushies,  puppet versions of The Extraordinary Contraptions, flying around on their blimp and their misadventures!

Overall I would say that the night was a success for all involved.  It was a good show, some really innovative ideas as far as set up and definitely something different to do on a Friday night. Below are my photos from the event, they are of Tupelo Honey's act as I wasn't feeling super great so that's pretty much all I felt up to shooting, enjoy!

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