Monday, June 2, 2014

Spot Light on Atlanta's Ruby Redmayne

Cave girl by Vinson Smith
I am going to continue to try to spot light these amazing performers in Atlanta.  We have such an amazing thriving scene here and it has so much community and family in it that it should be celebrated!  

Ruby Redmayne has been on the Atlanta scene since 2010.  I actually found (back when my flip camera worked) that I had done an interview with her the day of her debut and thought it might be a fun thing to share as well.  So you get two interviews!

1. How did you come up with your stage name and tag line?  Does it have a special meaning to you?
My first performance name which I registered was Suki Tawdry, which I still love and may use again one of these days. I changed it to Ruby Redmayne because my hair is such a major part of my identity, and I have yet to perform as anything but a red head.
Panty throw by Wombat

2. How did you get started in burlesque?
I had one of those "big birthdays"  and realized my life had become very mundane. I didn't intend to perform, but I signed up for the Syrens of the South classes before I had even seen my first burlesque show. Its been an incredible journey. 

3. What has been your best moment as a performer so far?
I love performing in places and shows that have an audience that doesn't see burlesque regularly. Performing at the Goat Farm for a radio fundraiser, Killer Creek Harley Davidson for St Patrick's day, the High Museum with a production by Talloolah Love, 7 Stages with AXA and Krampus Xmas, DooGallery for an art opening~and last but not least, opening the WigOut drag show at the Atlanta Eagle! 
I treasure these shows because they are challenging and exciting.

White crinoline by Rose Riot
[Editor's Note: You have no idea how happy it made me to see multiple shows she did with Syrens of the South in her favorites.  This is why I keep producing and cultivating shows!]

4. What is your favorite act to perform?
SHAKEWEIGHT! Yaaaasssss. Haha. Also, Bouncy Ball and La Vie en Rose. 

5. What is your burlesque dream show? 
I love the shows most that mix burlesque, drag and variety. I can't get enough of those. 

6. Where do you see your self in the next five years?
Oh honey, I'm lucky to make it through the next five minutes. 
Wait!  Laws of Attraction....I see myself in Tahiti with four Polynesian lovers.  

7. Tell us something outside of burlesque that you are involved or interested in.
I'm an exercise nut. Its 99% of what I do. The remaining 1% is I make Crappily Crafted Crafts and give them away. 
Valkyrie and nihilists by Greg the Mayor

8. What do you think is your greatest skill, not including burlesque?
Im very verbal and I like people in general. 

9. What are you most looking forward to this year as a burlesque performer? As a civilian?
As a performer, I'm always looking forward to inspiration. Whether I do a number one time or many times, I am passionate about freedom of expression. That is what I appreciate most about this art form.  
Civilian wise?  I travel for my birthday. Got a good plan this year. I need it. 

10. Who is your favorite performer to watch?
I adore Salome Cabaret out of Knoxville. As a group or individually, they blow me away. 

And now for your super special ancient bonus video!

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