Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Discount Dance Shoes

 So Ursula Undress gave me this magical website called Lightinthebox.com that had discounted ball room dance shoes.  I couldn't resist the lure of cheap shoes!  Especially since you could pick the color, heel height, etc...

So I decided to purchase two pairs of shoes.  The very shiny rhinestone pair on the left for only $39.99 and the strappy purple on the right for only $29.99. The black came as is, but I was able to get the purple with a lower heel for rehearsal purposed.  This seemed like an amazing deal as with shipping it was less than $90.00 which considering most ball room dance shoes are $150 per pair, I was pretty happy to get two pair at almost half price.  Plus, you get reward points back for purchases on the website and if you have eBates (which I do) you also get 6% cash back that will later be deposited into your Paypal account!

They were supposed to ship in 4-5 weeks, to my happy surprise it only took like 2 weeks to get both pairs of shoes.  I was very excited about getting them since I have a show this weekend.  They gave me tons of tracking alerts and were very easy to stalk on the DHL website.

I was a little disappointed by the rhinestoned ones as one entire row of rhinestones on one of the straps came off.  (see picture)  However they were still cheaper then what I would have spent on the stones and then a pair of shoes and then taking the time to rhinestone them, so it's a small fix for a reasonable price and since I have all the stones that came off and a bag of extra stones that came with the shoes I will make it work!  The purple ones are awesome and I love them, period the end!  Glad I ordered the lower heels for rehearsal and teaching as I wanted something comfortable and pretty.  Totally an excuse to wear all the purple!

So in conclusion, I probably won't order a pair with stones again unless I'm just feeling moderately lazy since there's a good chance I would have to repair the stones, but I will definitely order some other pairs for stage and rehearsal.  They have a huge selection of dance shoes including ballet, jazz, modern, etc... So this will probably be a regular thing for me.  I, in fact, already have my next two pairs picked out!

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