Monday, July 22, 2013

Moving into the 21st century!

I am so very angry at Comcast. We need to have internet access because if I do not have internet I will murder everyone not be able to do my homework and for a little bit extra we got basic cable.  Basic cable means we get the bare minimum, sure no HB-Ho, Skinamax, or Show-me-time, but also no FX so I can't watch Archer or American Horror Story, no bunches of other channels that I didn't realize were fancy and most recently they just took away TBS.  I live in Atlanta, the home of Turner, and we don't have Turner Broadcasting Station...seriously, that's really messed up.  What am I going to watch when the History Channel isn't running a marathon of serial killer documentaries, cult docudramas, specials about zombies, Caligula and giant snakes?  (And that marathon is seriously how I spent this past Saturday, everything mentioned was played all day!)
I have an ancient 32 inch TV that I bought when I first moved to Atlanta.  It was bought for a Superbowl party at the Gothic Halfway House(TM).  The TV was too big for the entertainment center so we twist tied a a jug of water to the back of it to keep it from toppling out.  It was a wonderful engineering design of those in their early twenties.  I eventually got an entertainment center that the giant TV fit on and it's been a faithful TV for many years.  The last few years the picture started flickering, the sound occasionally bounces off and on so I starting thinking that when it dies I should get a new TV. So almost 2 years ago I inherited a 50 inch flat screen TV.  For almost 2 years it has been sitting on the floor of my junk area dining room just taking up space and blocking my ability to get to the bottom shelves of my bookcase waiting for the 32 inch TV to die so I can replace it with a beautiful 50 inch flat screen modern technology.  However, the loss of TBS (among other channels) prompted me to want to rearrange the everything I do from eat to use the computer to do homework and work living room to make room for the giant 50 inch tribute to modern technology and have it close enough to the router so I could hook up the internet to the Blu-Ray player.  I always said that once we rearranged the the living room to accommodate the internet I'd get Netflix...turns out I may not have to!
So I plug everything into the internet and it asks me if I want to sign into my Amazon account.  I have Amazon Prime because it's cheaper then all of the shipping I would have to pay with all of my school books I have to order each semester.  Turns out that along with free two day shipping I get a bunch of movies and TV shows live streaming for FREE!  I am a cheap ass bitch and love getting things for free.  Finally I will be able to watch Downton Abbey which I have been missing since it started because I don't have a DVR and I'm never home when it's on.  Tonight, I watched American Horror Story for the first time.  It was awesome, the entire first season is free!  Sure, I may be behind, but at least I can catch up rather than not get to see it at all.  I realize that this is old news to most people, but I am excited about getting to watch television shows that I haven't been able to.  Maybe now I will quit threatening to cut a bitch if they tell me how a series is going to end because I may actually already know for a change.

**EDIT**  Add TNT to the list of channels they just took away...

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